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What games make you happy?
« on: 09:06:33 PM 12/08/15 »
What game/s usually make you feel good or what games recently have you just had a really enjoyable experience with?
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Re: What games make you happy?
« Reply #1 on: 09:37:57 PM 12/08/15 »
Right now I've been playing Trove which is pretty fun. It's like all of the things I wanted in Minecraft  ;D

Other than that I've put in quite a few hours on Fallout 3. I even managed to bring my save file from my xbox to my pc which is really cool that that's even possible.
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Re: What games make you happy?
« Reply #2 on: 09:41:51 AM 12/09/15 »
I used to play quite a lot of games a few years ago.. back in the SNES Dreamcast days lol.. I used to like Sim City on the SNES.. I used to find that game relaxing if I was stressed.. I could play it for hours.

  On the Dreamcast my favourites were RE2 and RE Code Veronica.. I played them through so many times that in RE2 I could go through the entire game (minus all the bigger bosses/enemies) with just the knife and hardly using any herbs. Not sure they made me happy though..

Right now I don't play much at all.. I like playing Salem if I get invites and I very occasionally play the odd steam game. I guess I'd like to play more but I never seem to have the time and I hardly know anyone who wants to play anyway..

I like to watch really.. I always watch a video and think "That looks like fun I'll probably play it sometime." then I end up just not playing it...


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Re: What games make you happy?
« Reply #3 on: 10:00:58 AM 12/09/15 »
Not sure if anyone else is with me, but I love the game Spyro Year of the Dragon is by far one of my most favorite games that makes me happy and that I love.
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Re: What games make you happy?
« Reply #4 on: 02:20:12 PM 12/09/15 »
most of games that i play or even watch makes me happy, they are the little pieces of heaven to me( so is bacon and sweet)
 for now im playing with one my friends a borderlands 2, its really fun time. today we played 6h

in past? fable the lost chapter of course:D its the best
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