Don't Be Afraid to Say "Hello"!
« on: 02:39:10 AM 03/06/16 »
This is a sort of "FAQ" thread, even though no one has actually asked.

- Please feel free to link anything you're working on when you introduce yourself. Ideally, this will include a link to your YouTube channel, but you can also show off your other stuff when telling us about you.

- If you don't have a YouTube channel, but are a fan or fan artist, etc. you can still introduce yourself and link your work!

(More will be added as needed... if needed...)

Re: Don't Be Afraid to Say "Hello"!
« Reply #1 on: 01:14:48 PM 03/11/16 »
Hey Torm can you give me some constructive criticism on my videos, they aren't very popular, but can you still check them out? (My HTC Vive one got a terrible response, so feel free to bash that one harshly) Also they are all fully scripted even though it sounds like I am thinking from the top of my head, thanks in advance  :).