Okay so I figured that some people will be like "I can't start youtubing, My computer is too bad" This is a misconception alot of people have. Sure you won't be a professional youtuber but really professionalism in this industry is not that far from being unprofessional so here's how you can start your youtube hobby/career without buying a mean machine or really without any cost at all.

All you need a computer capable of storing videos on it's hard drive and a little creativity

1. What can you record?

Well this is something easily answered you can record pretty much anything that comes onto your screen. No cost recording software such as Hypercam 2 can easily record what you see on your screen. The learning curve is minimal as it's a very simple programme. From here you will want to record some gameplay from anywhere between 5-30 frames per second. Particularly ancient machines may only be able to record possibly 2 frames per second so you may be limited to recordings without very much movement and low graphical quality for a while such as Town of Salem, RPG games like Undertale, Or things like Cards against humanity without very many moving parts. Remember visual quality will not be optimal so you will have to rely on commentary to entertain your viewers. If you own a machine after Windows Vista you will be able to use OBS to record your footage. At a strech you may be able to record at 1280x720 which I found was the limit for my home computer I purchased for around $500. OBS will serve your purposes if you can understand how to use it by simply recording a game using a game capture or a window capture. Otherwise you may be stuck with 800x450 resolution which will appear on youtube as 480p videos

If OBS is an option You may need to experiment the machines limits) You may be able to record Game boy advance emulated game or other emulated systems. Learn what you can and can't record. Also make sure you balance out sound and ensure you use a noise cancellation software to remove any static the machine may produce.

Remember Pixel based games, Text based games and low quality games are your treasure trove at this point. You won't be able to record anything with Medium-high end graphics or lot's of movement. If you record something that may become pixelly while you record take it slow and allow the picture to readjust itself without rushing.

2. How should I edit my Sound

Assuming you don't own a powerful headset you will want optimal sound without having to pay money. Here are some tips I found while I was working a low end PC.

USB Headsets have much better sound than ones that use an audio jack. They will give you a better audio reception overall

Use Audacity to clear up your voice and vocals and possibly record separate audio (You don't have to as Recording software will pick up your voice but you can mute that and record audio separately with audacity to give yourself more room to edit sound)

Use a filter or noise cancellation your mic to stop it from picking up heavy breathing. One complaint I always heard about up and coming youtubers is that the breathing sound puts people off.

Impliment sound effects if you want but avoid copyrighted music. You may get in more hassle than you need.

3. How long should my video take to upload to youtube.

Not gonna lie if your PC is old your internet is probably the same. Expect anywhere between 40 minutes and 120 minutes upload speed. With the setup you have don't aim for more than one upload a day or you may become stressed out. If you can;t deal with this may be best to stop before you start. I used to be able to do this because of my free time but it was good in the end.

4. When should I aim for better equipment?

One thing I learnt is that better equipment comes one step at a time. Don't try to get it all at once. Find your flow as a youtuber and decide which is the most valuable piece of equipment for your channel and aim for that first. You may end up buying something that doesn't fit if you don;t know exactly what you want. Be patient and the equipment will choose you :)

5. What age do I need to be to start youtubing?

As long as you're careful? None. You can make and release videos whenever you like just be sure not to give out information that could be harmful to yourself. Remember people will not be the same as you know at school, College, Uni etc you cater to every single person out there. Don't make the mistake of thinking you're in a schoolyard or you may get ridiculed.

6. Have fun.

Whether it's Laughing at something, raging, or chilling with your friends always have fun. If you're not having fun it's likely being a youtuber isn't for you.

This will be updated as people submit new ideas for the guide and new angles to look at. If you have any ideas PM me or message me on twitter @Magnasword2

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Really good guide, its really spot on. Only thing I'd add is to be natural, when you start you don't try to overthink it. At least a problem I had when I started was being microphone shy, that ended when I just rolled with whatever happened.
I do things at ParmaJon's Pizza Palace and on my own channel. Also sarcasm everywhere.

I'd also say that it is a good idea to record more than one thing since people will get bored and not pay attention to your channel unless they have different things to stick around for. Like you Magna, you have ToS, Plague Inc, etc