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Tabletop RBG??
« on: 07:38:34 AM 11/20/15 »
Hellow u are, so im interesting of trying some tabletop RBG game, on this program named a maptool(never yet try it, cause yet no need) . i haven't never a played a tabletop game so im really noobie when comes to that. But hey if u dont try, u never know.

So im asking is there some people interesting doing something like that. U may have more experience that i or not. also i would like to know if we there is group like that, what king game u would like to play... as i said im really noob what comes on tabletop, so i dont really  know many games on that category.. some that i have seen other people play.

what else....
You shine from the light that you shed
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Re: Tabletop RBG??
« Reply #1 on: 06:45:57 PM 11/26/15 »
Usually stuff like this we do on Tabletop simulator if you want to check it out it's on steam. It may provide a better template for the things you want to create.


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Re: Tabletop RBG??
« Reply #2 on: 07:08:21 PM 11/26/15 »
I've done a fair amount of tabletop stuff though usually not online. I probably couldn't participate but depending on the system I could give plenty of gm advice, explaining rules, etc. If you ever need advice like that hit me up and I'll try to help.
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Re: Tabletop RBG??
« Reply #3 on: 10:18:47 AM 11/27/15 »
Ive had a few share of RPG (Not sure if that is what you were going for) experiences. I've played many roles such as "The Whiz", "The Alchemist", and a few others. I can always give pointers if needed XD
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