Its a me a Shademus!
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Hey hey my name is Shade (yes thats my real name) and I've recently started up a Youtube channel based around Town of Salem. I picked ToS because it doesnt need to be edited (Im 16 and i dont have nor know how to use editing software yet) and because im generally good at the game. After Christmas the content i produce will most likely spread to other games and varieties, i dont know what but i know it will happen :). Before i go id like to give a personal thank you to Tormental who got me really into YouTube and ToS and for also showing me this website, i owe you one Tormy. Also if you wanna check out my channel its "Shademus99". Any criticism or comments in general is greatly appreciated! Great to meet you guys!  ;D

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Hey and welcome to Bonus Lives! I'm Blew and I post on here a ton. You actually reminded me of an idea I had a couple weeks ago about creating a channel strictly for ToS and to have multiple people sort of "host" the channel and upload videos with other people who run the channel. I scrapped the idea but if anyone wants to take that over be my guest!

As far as editing goes I think it's a good idea to stick with ToS for the editing reasons you mentioned but I would try out some free trials of software and get to know each one. I made the mistake in not doing that and now I've got a software I paid for that doesn't want to play nice with my screen recorder.

I'll definitely give your channel a look and I'll let you know how I like it! Best of luck with the Youtubes!
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Welcome to the site!


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Re: Its a me a Shademus!
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Hey Shade! I couldn't help but notice that your YouTube icon link isn't working. I made a thread awhile back that explains how to properly add in your YouTube icon so that it links to your channel! The thread is located in the YouTube Discussion area, enjoy!  :D