Streaming and youtube concerns :)
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Hi, I have done a few uploads to YouTube using my friends software (Fraps) however I wish to stream and upload content from my Xbox 360 as well (I'm quite broke, being a student and all...) I have Fraps installed on my computer (full version) however I seem to be unable to record the internet screen (like Tormental does with town of Salem). so I have a few questions that hopefully someone here will be able to answer :)

1. what kind of windows allows fraps to be used on the internet (windows 7, 8, 10 etc...)
2. what kind of cheap but higher quality device should I use to capture my Xbox 360 (I understand to get a higher quality device you should spend a bit more, so I am aiming for the price between £40 - £80 for this :) )
3. how do I stream?? its just a concept that has confused me about how to do it and I'm super curious about it XD
4.Finally, is anyone reading this into COD Zombies on xbox 360 because if you are reply and I will join you in a game XD

thank you for reading and I understand if you cant answer every question :) thanks for trying anyway

Thank you



(P.S. Magna if you are reading this, I am one of the bronti brother and sister you see in the TOS livestream :) I'm the brother XDXD )

Re: Streaming and youtube concerns :)
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If you want to record something like ToS, the window has to be in full screen in order for fraps to work. Then you should be able just to hit the hot key and start recording. It should work in any windows version, I believe (not sure about 10, though).

But I haven't tried using fraps in a long time now. Might want to get someone else's opinion (like someone who uses fraps XD)
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Re: Streaming and youtube concerns :)
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Hopefully Torm will pass through and he can help you. I know he uses Fraps to record.
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Re: Streaming and youtube concerns :)
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For desktop and web browser recording, I have to turn on "Aero Desktop" and set Fraps to record the desktop. Also, Skype windows can't be open (Skype can be on, but not open onscreen) or it captures the Skype Window no matter what.

This should help: