Microphone Isolation Box?
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New topic, because im incompetent hurrah.

Since my videos and audio are pretty bad in quality (something of which I despise), I'm trying to improve both. The room I record in has a high ceiling, hard wood floors, and not a lot of furniture, so my audio pretty much sucks. I've tried a place rug but it doesn't help. I would try recording in another room/different place entirely but everywhere else I can LP I have either too much background noise or I have to be too quiet for my mic to pick up well.

I use a Blue Snowball microphone and Audacity to record audio and have recently constructed a microphone isolation box. I made it out of square plastic container and craft foam. Other LPers I've talked to have pretty much the same thing and I'm aiming to have audio similar to theirs. Normally, I wouldn't worry. However, I've read in other forums that microphone isolation boxes hurt your audio more than it helps. Something along the lines of it kills high and mid tones (the good noises, I guess?) and amplifies the low tones (the bad ones?). I can find the website later, if anyone wants exact details.

The forums I read were about recording music, though, so I guess it's different from commentating over games? I don't know. I just want decent quality for once ;D I'll take any advice.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Microphone Isolation Box?
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Well, I'm learning how to do this stuff too and doing my best to figure out things. When I got my mic I found this list of stuff on the Blue website, http://bluemic.com/blog/2013/10/15-tips-for-recording-at-home/  They have a DIY isolation box in there, so it doesn't seem like it's a terrible idea. There's tons of other info/tips there, but it sounds like you've tried many of them. The most important tip that I took away from the guide is that you want to be super close to the mic, 6-12inches away is ideal.

It won't help at all for your hard surface issues, but for the other room(s) you've tried that you get noise in you could try reducing the noise with Audacity.

- Start or end your recording with 5 seconds or so of silence.
- Select the portion with the silence
- Go to the Effects Menu and go to Noise Reduction
- Click the 'Get Noise Profile' button at the top
- Select your entire recording
- Click on Noise Reduction again and hit the OK button.

There's lots of youtube tutorials that'll walk you through the steps visually and probably have info about the options. I just go with the defaults and it seems to work great. Doesn't seem like there's anything you can do through Audacity to fix echo/reverb from hard surfaces though.

You seem to have already put quite a bit of research into this so apologies if this was redundant XD

Re: Microphone Isolation Box?
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The weird thing is that I'm currently using Audacity to blend to songs, but I haven't used it to edit video audio, just record it.

Well I know what I'm doing next time. Thank you! This is very helpful. :)
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