Wolfman can block night action of another wolfman
« on: 11:52:47 AM 03/25/17 »
If you don't click fast enough on your kill as a wolfman, another wolfman can block your night action and remove your night immunity. I was in a game as a wolfman. I tried clicking on a name as soon as night came. Nothing. It wouldn't work. I clicked on my diary to note I was blocked. Then I got the death message as soon as night was over that I had been mauled by another wolfman. Not sure why being faster at clicking during the night should make the difference in when I get to use my night action during the 30 seconds of night.

Re: Wolfman can block night action of another wolfman
« Reply #1 on: 05:22:02 AM 03/27/17 »
As Wolfman, you need to click your own name at night. You then attack a random player.

The trade-off is that you're night immune and aren't shown to the Chaperone if you choose to kill.

If you decide not to kill, you will appear normal to the Counselor, but are not immune.