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You and YouTube
« on: 01:19:35 PM 04/11/16 »
What do you like to watch on YouTube? Generally speaking in terms of genre of video- Gaming, podcasts, shows, etc.

Is it similar content to what you create? Why do you like watching it?


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Re: You and YouTube
« Reply #1 on: 09:50:53 AM 04/12/16 »
Yes. 7.
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Re: You and YouTube
« Reply #2 on: 11:37:37 AM 04/12/16 »
I watch a lot of small (under 100 subs) youtubers because that's what I am. Most of them aren't the most well polished folks in the world, but they're playing games I like and doing it in an entertaining fashion to me. Seeing what they're doing right (and wrong) helps me to figure out what I could be doing better. I also want to support people that are doing things I find interesting, and I hope that by commenting and liking their videos it'll encourage them and let them know that people enjoy what they're doing. Its pretty easy to get discouraged when you're just starting out.

The only real big/bigger gaming channels  I watch is Jontron, and Torm & his crew of buddies.

I also like to watch a lot of science / learning / factoid things too.

Re: You and YouTube
« Reply #3 on: 07:58:38 AM 04/13/16 »
I have a few youtubers I like to watch and they're all really different in style en genres (but equally entertaining).
Most of them are let's play channels, but I also like to listen to a political podcast while I'm doing other stuff.

That being said, watching is not the same experience as creating in terms of what I find enjoyable.
My own content is different from what I usually watch because I like to play into my own strengths. Even if my content is something I might not watch normally there are people who do enjoy it. Looking at my statistics I wouldn't fit my general viewer demographic anyway.


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Re: You and YouTube
« Reply #4 on: 08:11:59 AM 04/13/16 »
I have many quite good lper's ( my option) that i have followed years.. almost some ten year followed, they have helped me to have that little bit happiness sometimes that i needed for my life.
After many years of following them, I wanted to try do my own recording cause i was so inspired by them and mostly by GrimithR
Well i took the spin in my younger days to try lping, but it was horrible and i didn't had the time then so i just ended it.. but i continued to watch them.

And also i founded good channel to help my drawing skill, that i'm following almost year now
Then just a last year i founded one with sword reviews, cause that also is something of interest to me. and he also does something like vlogs
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Re: You and YouTube
« Reply #5 on: 12:46:38 AM 04/15/16 »
Music while I work. XD Legal music. Uploaded by the creators. :P