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youtube partnering and monetizing
« on: 10:21:51 AM 03/04/16 »
Well to make thing sort...

 i have thinking monetizing my videos and becoming a youtube partner, and i have looked it in youtube own  side and read some stuff. but i still keep thinking that there are lot of stuff that just don't know, just like:

- What would youtube partner do to me? could i have something more than just monetizing maybe video there and there?

- Would i needed to make some sort like paypal account for receiving any of the money?
Or would i need to give my bank account iban number for them?

ou i had something else on my mind... can't remember.... 

well i would like your answer also, does it do any good. than u have a change to get some money for video?
also what u think about would be also nice to hear.
You shine from the light that you shed
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