Hi! My name is Abysmii
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Hi everyone!  I'm excited to be on this new site and look forward to collaborate with others.

There are two channels I'm associated with, each with different emphases.

The first is Apeiropillar Prodcutions found at www.youtube.com/apeiropillar.  That channel hosts let's plays, narrations, animations, and sketch comedy.  If you'd like to collaborate on any of that, please let me know.

The second is my personal channel found at https://www.youtube.com/user/Abysmii.  This channel is where I upload all my ambient, atmospheric music.  It is free to use as long as you adhere to the attribution rules.  You can download my latest album for free at https://abysmii.bandcamp.com/releases and also pay what you want if you'd like to support what I do.

If you'd like to collaborate, please send me a message!  I'll be looking around this site as well for people I'd be interested to work with.


Re: Hi! My name is Abysmii
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Yo yo! Welcome! :D