So I haven't posted to my channel recently and that's kind of the problem. I can't find a decent recording software but here's the catch: I'm broke. I just would like suggestions of any open source recorder though I've tried OBS and Camstudio. OBS used to work fine but it freaked out and kept crashing. Camstudio won't even work for me and I can't solve the problem through the forums (you need an invite to register and I can't seem to get one). I can't seem to find a solution. I don't want to download a bunch of demos cuz then I feel like I'm just ripping off several companies who work hard. If there is a good screen recorder that has a pro and light version that would be great. I do intend to upgrade to a paid service but right now I can't afford it. I have the light version of Ice Cream but there is a ten minute limit for it. Most of the videos I record are over 10 minutes long. Any suggestions would be great! I don't need a lot of features just unlimited recording time and hotkeys. I saved up for an editor and bought it so I wouldn't need that function in a recorder.I hope I'm not being incredibly picky but any help would be great! Thanks!
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Hello! Hopefully this thread will be of help. Personally, I use Fraps but not free and I can't recommend it. I just use it for simplicity because I'm lazy.

Yeah I've heard plenty about Fraps... Is it worth the money for what you get?
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Not in my estimation, but just so you can decide for yourself, here's my personal PoV...

Easy settings.
One button press to start and stop recording.

I personally can't start recording after stopping unless I close and re-open Fraps. It crashes otherwise.
Almost zero frills. Just the ability to display current FPS on screen, etc.

It works for me because I'm incredibly lazy (simple to use) and remember to not crash it. XD

Well that sounds almost exactly like Action! I used a trial version of it and it worked great for me. Actually it's the software that I'm saving up for. Shows frames per second in the upper right, one click recording, hotkeys if you wanted to use them, and really easy to adjust the settings. I never had an issue with it crashing. Plus I'm not really tech savvy enough to mess with advanced settings and it kept all the settings in an easy to understand format. It has a very small learning curve. I can't remember if I had any problems with it because I used it so long ago and my memory is crap but if there was a huge problem I would've remembered.
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OBS is a good one. It's free, and does it's job.

I know that Bandicam is supposed to be good for recording.

Ify ou're just after something free,cheap and easy Hypercam 2 could work out for you.

AwesomeAim, as far as OBS goes it was the first recording software I had ever used but as I said in the beginning it freaked out on me, meaning that I ended up having a lot of issues with it that I couldn't resolve even when looking and asking in the forums. I ran several log tests and it showed the problem but every solution I tried never worked.

Magna, I'll look into Hypercam. It sounds like it would work for me for right now. Thanks.
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Unfortunately it seems that I can't get Hypercam  because I have windows 10. At least that's what the website said. I might just have to reinstall OBS and try tweaking it until I can get it right.
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if OBS fails, Bandicam is solid, if you don't mind the self advertising they do.