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Camp Cadaver (Bug Reports Only) / Re: Music skips
« Last post by Tormental on 03:29:33 PM 03/18/17 »
I haven't seen this, so yeah it's possibly internet or maybe even browser-specific. Music needs tweaking, like when/how it plays, etc., as well.
How many players we talking? 5 or so?
We've had a bunch of disconnects due to an error when some folks whispered. Mammon's currently eradicating teh bug.
Camp Cadaver (Bug Reports Only) / Re: Ability to change role layout?
« Last post by Tormental on 03:27:53 PM 03/18/17 »
Do you mean changing which roles appear in the round? If so, the host can do it - it's a button underneath the role list. :)
In a couple games all players were disconnected after night 2.
Camp Cadaver (Bug Reports Only) / Ability to change role layout?
« Last post by Abysmii on 03:06:13 PM 03/18/17 »
I think I saw several rooms with the ability to predetermine roles, but it looks like it isn't implemented yet.  Just a thought.
Camp Cadaver (Bug Reports Only) / Getting the same roles too many times
« Last post by Abysmii on 03:05:31 PM 03/18/17 »
I got rebel 5 times in a row, but that might just be due to the small room size.
Camp Cadaver (Bug Reports Only) / Music skips
« Last post by Abysmii on 03:04:58 PM 03/18/17 »
The music stutters a little bit on loading, but that might just be an internet connection issue.
Camp Cadaver (Bug Reports Only) / Voting Stage skipped in some matches
« Last post by Abysmii on 03:04:30 PM 03/18/17 »
In certain games with full rooms, the voting stage starts but then isn't finalized.  Everyone can vote, but the votes aren't tallied and no one is charged.
A Heist Gone Wrong / The Heist Ultimate Video Making Contest
« Last post by Lasmelan on 04:31:37 PM 02/01/17 »
Welcome, dear friends! You may have noticed the absence of posts in this section of the forum - all of our community is currently gathered in our Discord server.

Today I have an exciting announcement for you - the A Heist Gone Wrong community is hosting a video making contest! The point of the contest is to create a tutorial video covering a certain aspect of the game (which is told to participants individually).

The participants have to finish the video by March 1st, having signed up before February 26th. You are allowed and encouraged to have a partner. The judging will begin on March 1st, and the results will be announced shortly after. The winners will get prizes, starting from being featured by the game up to receiving keys to other games.

To participate, simply join our Discord server (which is easy), find a partner (you may work alone if necessary), and tell me your and your partner's names in DMs. You will then receive the topic of the contest.

Are you not familiar with the game? A Heist Gone Wrong is fairly simple, and you can get the hang of it easily by playing, watching videos, or reading the Wiki. Our welcoming community will help you should you have any problems understanding the mechanics.

Do you not have a good recording / editing software? The community can help you with this as well! Some of us are quite experienced with the art of video making.

Do you feel like you're not going to do well? Don't! Although this is a competition, the goal is to bring people together and have fun. Even if you don't win, you'll get exposure and honest critique, and will have a chance to critique others.

You can find all the details on our Discord server, and if you still have any questions, I will gladly answer them.
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