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Everything Else / Re: Jr. Member
« Last post by Skill Flea on 02:26:13 PM 10/06/16 »
You never had the chance parm  ;)
Everything Else / Re: Jr. Member
« Last post by ParmaJon on 10:54:31 PM 09/24/16 »
My only regret is not being able to get a higher post count than skill flea...
Everything Else / Re: Jr. Member
« Last post by puddykitia on 05:02:14 PM 07/26/16 »
Introductions / Re: New(ish) YouTuber
« Last post by Skill Flea on 02:57:23 AM 07/22/16 »
Nice to meet you.

You may want to follow this link in order to properly get you youtube link working:
I'm looking for contestants for a creepypasta game show I'm running on my YouTube channel called "Gory Gnocchi!". If you have a good mic, please respond if you are interested and also provide a list of creepypasta you would feel comfortable answering questions for.

Ex: funnymouth, Jeff the Killer, Barbie.avi, etc.

* The more stories you list the better your chances are for getting on. This is to help me since I plan to group people for shows based on similarities in creepypasta lists. I want to get 3-5 people all of whom, listed 4 of the same creepypasta.   
Introductions / Re: Hello, everyone!
« Last post by Aizakawa on 09:08:37 AM 07/19/16 »
hello and welcome to forum :D
Everything Else / Re: Jr. Member
« Last post by Aizakawa on 09:08:02 AM 07/19/16 »
i keep smiling to that pic puddy XD

this is the some answer to it

Introductions / Hello, everyone!
« Last post by Topzy Gaming on 03:18:56 PM 07/15/16 »
Hello, everybody! My name is Topzy Gaming, a new YouTuber who is interested in games such as Town Of Salem and RTS games. I haven't gotten a profile picture OR any videos yet, but I shall very soon!  :D
Introductions / New(ish) YouTuber
« Last post by lostinseax on 10:17:47 PM 07/11/16 »
'Allo mates! (I'm Asian, not Bri'ish or any of the like, fyi.) I'm new to the forum but I'd like to throw a bit of confetti around first before I get down to business, so--

Didn't see that? Oh well.

I'm Korea but you can just call me Corra. I specialize in music (as I have SoundCloud) and raging on that one level that everyone else gets instead of me. I'm looking forward to collaborating with others as well as sharing my music as intro and outro cards for other people. It's really easy to search me up; I'm lostinseax but I haven't posted anything except one blank music video next. I have a SoundCloud, which is basically . Nothing surprising there.

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