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We're adding a short "grace period" after voting and before night for last-minute selections. :) Maybe about 6 seconds, for desperate changes or picks.
I've noticed that because the Principal's detention button and the voting button are one and the same that the principal cannot put someone in detention after the voting stage has started. In one of my games the person I was gonna put in detention was lynched and I couldn't put someone else in detention. This could be intentional but I wanted to draw attention to it in case it isn't. I assume a similar problem would exist with any other roles where the player has to select someone during the day but does not wish to vote them up.
Camp Cadaver (Bug Reports Only) / Firefox
« Last post by Mineawesome on 11:53:33 AM 03/19/17 »
The main browser I use is morzella firefox. While I can sign in just fine, the game.php page doesn't work at all. I cannot make a lobby, or see any lobbies that were made.
Definite bug. We've got it noted for eradication. XD
Camp Cadaver (Bug Reports Only) / Re: Music skips
« Last post by Tormental on 03:29:33 PM 03/18/17 »
I haven't seen this, so yeah it's possibly internet or maybe even browser-specific. Music needs tweaking, like when/how it plays, etc., as well.
How many players we talking? 5 or so?
We've had a bunch of disconnects due to an error when some folks whispered. Mammon's currently eradicating teh bug.
Camp Cadaver (Bug Reports Only) / Re: Ability to change role layout?
« Last post by Tormental on 03:27:53 PM 03/18/17 »
Do you mean changing which roles appear in the round? If so, the host can do it - it's a button underneath the role list. :)
In a couple games all players were disconnected after night 2.
Camp Cadaver (Bug Reports Only) / Ability to change role layout?
« Last post by Abysmii on 03:06:13 PM 03/18/17 »
I think I saw several rooms with the ability to predetermine roles, but it looks like it isn't implemented yet.  Just a thought.
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