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Camp Cadaver (Bug Reports Only) / Firefox
« Last post by Mineawesome on 11:53:33 AM 03/19/17 »
The main browser I use is morzella firefox. While I can sign in just fine, the game.php page doesn't work at all. I cannot make a lobby, or see any lobbies that were made.
Definite bug. We've got it noted for eradication. XD
Camp Cadaver (Bug Reports Only) / Re: Music skips
« Last post by Tormental on 03:29:33 PM 03/18/17 »
I haven't seen this, so yeah it's possibly internet or maybe even browser-specific. Music needs tweaking, like when/how it plays, etc., as well.
How many players we talking? 5 or so?
We've had a bunch of disconnects due to an error when some folks whispered. Mammon's currently eradicating teh bug.
Camp Cadaver (Bug Reports Only) / Re: Ability to change role layout?
« Last post by Tormental on 03:27:53 PM 03/18/17 »
Do you mean changing which roles appear in the round? If so, the host can do it - it's a button underneath the role list. :)
In a couple games all players were disconnected after night 2.
Camp Cadaver (Bug Reports Only) / Ability to change role layout?
« Last post by Abysmii on 03:06:13 PM 03/18/17 »
I think I saw several rooms with the ability to predetermine roles, but it looks like it isn't implemented yet.  Just a thought.
Camp Cadaver (Bug Reports Only) / Getting the same roles too many times
« Last post by Abysmii on 03:05:31 PM 03/18/17 »
I got rebel 5 times in a row, but that might just be due to the small room size.
Camp Cadaver (Bug Reports Only) / Music skips
« Last post by Abysmii on 03:04:58 PM 03/18/17 »
The music stutters a little bit on loading, but that might just be an internet connection issue.
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