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YouTube Discussion / When did you decide to make videos?
« on: 07:23:53 PM 11/07/15 »
So when was it? What was going on in your life? Tell us all about it!

YouTube Discussion / Re: How is YouTube Red treating you?
« on: 07:51:13 PM 11/06/15 »
*shrivels like a slug*

Introductions / Re: Howdy, I'm Puddy
« on: 07:50:36 PM 11/06/15 »
Howdy!! XD

Introductions / Re: Hey my name is Blew!
« on: 02:21:07 PM 11/06/15 »
Trolls are life's NPCs.

Woah, that really is a hodgepodge of videos you got there!

XD You went there! lol

Not in my estimation, but just so you can decide for yourself, here's my personal PoV...

Easy settings.
One button press to start and stop recording.

I personally can't start recording after stopping unless I close and re-open Fraps. It crashes otherwise.
Almost zero frills. Just the ability to display current FPS on screen, etc.

It works for me because I'm incredibly lazy (simple to use) and remember to not crash it. XD

Hello! Hopefully this thread will be of help. Personally, I use Fraps but not free and I can't recommend it. I just use it for simplicity because I'm lazy.

YouTube Discussion / Re: How is YouTube Red treating you?
« on: 10:23:42 PM 11/05/15 »
*lies there, dead.*

Seeking Services / Short Animation?
« on: 04:34:51 PM 11/05/15 »
Hey, just looking to find out what folks would generally charge for short animations. Think around 2 minutes in length, nothing spectacular, just a general representation of the video's audio.

YouTube Discussion / Re: How is YouTube Red treating you?
« on: 01:13:24 AM 11/05/15 »
Yeah, I don't see why anyone would. Speaking personally. Easy enough to skip or close ads.


Crap, they might remove the ability to skip or close ads...

YouTube Discussion / How is YouTube Red treating you?
« on: 09:41:56 PM 11/04/15 »
I'm down about $60 in ad revenue, but I've made about $2.00 on Red. You?

YouTube Discussion / Re: Testing YouTube posting...
« on: 09:32:53 PM 11/04/15 »

And it can be sized!

YouTube Discussion / Testing YouTube posting...
« on: 09:31:06 PM 11/04/15 »

It works!

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