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Everything Else / Re: Well I actually did it..
« on: 10:53:19 PM 12/24/15 »
Good... Gooood... </Palpatine>

Dr. Seuss of spook. Dr. Spooks.

Everything Else / Re: is imatisut a bot
« on: 01:29:16 PM 12/17/15 »
Yeah, it's a bot. Banned & deleted. :D

Usually I don't bother on my personal website's forum unless they start posting, but that's a good find and I'll ban/delete any that register here to keep things clean.

Everything Else / Re: Jr. Member
« on: 04:59:40 PM 12/11/15 »
Official Rank-Up thread! XD

Games General / Re: Recording on a Sucky Laptop
« on: 12:21:01 AM 12/11/15 »
I started on a bad laptop and used it up until recently. The trick is finding the game(s) that you can run well and make a reasonably entertaining video with. Like Town of Salem. XD

It'll give you a good chance to grow by counting your laptop videos as more practice.

Everything Else / Re: Steam names!
« on: 02:40:19 AM 12/07/15 »
It's funny how Steam is the only service where I've seen lots of people unable to recall what their usernames are. XD Not sure why Steam's system is so odd in that regard.

Everything Else / Re: Just wanted to say this!
« on: 05:49:38 PM 11/26/15 »
If you love Bonus Lives, here are some ways to help out:

1.) Tell a friend
2.) Tell that friend to tell two friends
3.) Tell those to friends to tell three friends
4.) Tell those six friends to...


That, or maybe sky-writing. Anyone know how to do that?

Dag, I want a Sega Saturn for the first time ever. XD

Everything Else / Re: Naming Yourself
« on: 05:45:12 PM 11/26/15 »
I like the fact that saying "BOOM Shaka Zero!" out loud still flows the same. XD

To be fair, said newbie was drunk. And TheKetsup. Which is like being drunk twice.

Everything Else / Re: Naming Yourself
« on: 06:06:47 PM 11/20/15 »
The old name she used was NSyncFan1998

Everything Else / Re: Naming Yourself
« on: 01:28:36 PM 11/20/15 »
I wanted to "re brand" myself, in a manner of speaking, so I looked for weird horror/monster/1980s gross-out names that were available as .com domain names. "Slimebeast" was what I chose. XD BeastBrain was a runner-up.

For YouTube it was much the same. "Tormentalist" wasn't taken, but I originally wanted "Tormental" because it's a cool portmanteau.

Just some past usernames I've had, off the top of my head:

Gog, Doompuppet, Escapeman, Motorhed, Starfish, Germ, ChansawForAHat... and so many more. There was a time when I just spam registered a ton of deities for an online RPG. BloodGod, GoldenGod, RainGod, NachoGod...

At some point I should really upgrade from Windows Move Maker... XD

YouTuber Seeks Collaboration / Re: Schedules
« on: 09:50:21 PM 11/19/15 »
Speaking personally, it's totally random. I'm sure others have set times. I can never seem to get on at the same time twice.

Introductions / Re: Heyyo, I'm BoomShaka0
« on: 09:49:44 PM 11/19/15 »
Hi! I hope the site can be of use!

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