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Logitech works fine for me - until the wires eventually fall out. Every headset, the wires drop out. -_-

True story can confirm.

Introductions / Don't Be Afraid to Say "Hello"!
« on: 02:39:10 AM 03/06/16 »
This is a sort of "FAQ" thread, even though no one has actually asked.

- Please feel free to link anything you're working on when you introduce yourself. Ideally, this will include a link to your YouTube channel, but you can also show off your other stuff when telling us about you.

- If you don't have a YouTube channel, but are a fan or fan artist, etc. you can still introduce yourself and link your work!

(More will be added as needed... if needed...)

Games General / Re: for free steam keys!
« on: 06:27:32 PM 02/25/16 »
I had really high hopes for this site a while back. Expect to get random keys to random indie games and none of the keys you actually request. XD Some devs are using the site basically as an Ad for their game and don't seem to actually give out keys.

Everything Else / Re: The Fine Bros Problem
« on: 12:07:42 AM 02/01/16 »
They're pretty dumb for stepping in this dung pile. There's been plenty of history on this happening, should've learned from it.

The world wasn't ready.

The world doesn't get a choice.

Introductions / Re: I Am Dunce
« on: 02:09:31 PM 01/11/16 »
Dunce's catch phrase is "Me Buckos". Or something.

Games General / Re: Garry's Mod
« on: 02:07:04 PM 01/11/16 »
Garry's Mod
Has got it going on

Garry can't you see
You're just not the guy for me

I know it might be wrong but
I'm in love with Garry's Mod.


RedRosser has a Gmod server he brings online when it's time to record. XD I just pick the server with the lowest ping when I play alone.

Everything Else / Re: The Midnight Marinara Forum
« on: 02:05:19 PM 01/11/16 »

Free Services / Re: Free music available and upon request!
« on: 05:33:34 PM 01/06/16 »
This makes me wish I had a game project going. Very mood-setting.

Games General / Steam Goofed
« on: 03:53:47 PM 12/25/15 »
So apparently Steam had a code malfunction where viewing your own information gave you the information of other people.


Everything Else / Re: Well I actually did it..
« on: 03:52:00 PM 12/25/15 »



Everything Else / Re: I made a new video for Christmas..
« on: 03:50:56 PM 12/25/15 »
I've seen too much Shopping Simulator. I was expecting someone to run through kicking people into the air.

Everything Else / Re: Mod Problems - The Blacklist Issue
« on: 03:50:03 PM 12/25/15 »
No one knows why it was taken down. I have a "contact" at YouTube (I guess you get one when you reach a certain point) and he literally has no idea what to say about it. He's directing it to other people, but of course I expect it to just be ignored.

When an employee of the site doesn't know WTF happened, you know it's some sketchy shit.

Right now I'm presuming it was false flagged, and whoever reviewed it with YouTube just didn't care to evaluate the video and went "Fuck it".

Everything Else / Re: Mod Problems - The Blacklist Issue
« on: 10:53:55 PM 12/24/15 »
Yep. It's a silly situation. Tip: Never tell someone they have a problem unless you're willing to deal with the fallout. Luckily, IDGAF. :D :D

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