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I probably could.. if I wasn't lazy...  I do kinda struggle with recording stuff as I don't have good hearing.. that's why I pretty much throw out every single game I record lol.. I guess I'll try some with voice overs when I get the time. I could probably do it okay if I took my time and didn't stress.


and finally (for now) my third video and second in the actual series.. :)


And this is my second facts video (although not part of my series) this one fits in with the theme of my channel because it's local facts.. This one has 10x the views of my first one right now.. I guess it's the local interest :)

All the photos in this one (apart from the first one obviously) are taken and edited by me.. I do (VERY amateur) photography as a hobby.

Everything Else / Launch of a new series on my channel...
« on: 08:37:01 AM 06/11/16 »
I've finally decided to get off my ass and launch my new series on my channel..

"10 fun facts"

Here is the first video..

I've put it on my old channel for now because that one is already set up and ready.. If I do a lot more of these videos and they get a lot of views (oh ha ha I'm so funny.. :P) I might make a new fact channel.. Right now I don't have the content or the interest to justify making a new one..

Sooo yeah,  :)

I did do another one but I totally messed up the audio.. when I played it back the game was too loud and you couldn't hear my voice at all.. then I got really busy at work so I've not done anything else since.. Here's a link to the game I played.. (it's free) It was hilarious fun.. I wish the recording had worked..

I definitely recommend it :P

Everything Else / Re: My new stuff..
« on: 06:00:08 PM 04/14/16 »
I don't really cosplay hardly any more but I do make cosplays for other people.. Mainly I just enjoy sewing stuff.. I want to be in a position where I get get around 1000 views per day..  and over 1000 subs but I'm so far away from getting anywhere near that right now..

Everything Else / Re: My new stuff..
« on: 09:40:03 AM 04/14/16 »
More sewing stuff, I'll probably do some cosplay stuff.. and maybe other arts and crafts..not exactly sure yet..  I still want to keep doing my old stuff because while that's not doing brilliant, it's doing okay (ish) I just need to think of something that's going to get more views though.. at the moment I'm a long way from where I want to be.

Everything Else / Re: My new stuff..
« on: 06:09:15 PM 04/13/16 »
I plan on doing more tutorials making different stuff.. I know I need to work on the lighting and editing and stuff.. but overall I'm pleased with how this came out.. :)

Everything Else / My new stuff..
« on: 08:13:20 PM 04/12/16 »
I'm doing a series of sewing tutorials and other crafts and stuff... no expert stuff..just simple things..

Here's my first tutorial video..

The sewing was easy, the filming and editing was the hard part,,

I'm doing an even better one today.. I can't promise any riveting commentary but the game content.... just watch this space O_O

Everything Else / Be afraid.... be very afraid.
« on: 03:15:28 AM 04/02/16 »
Are you scared yet?

Everything Else / Well I was scared..
« on: 06:52:50 PM 03/29/16 »

Everything Else / Re: Welcome to the Flea Circus!
« on: 10:18:47 AM 03/29/16 »
The poor fleas were apparently glued to those wires, and the way the wires were pointing downwards they couldn't jump to escape.. they only move because they are trying to get away..

After each show the fleas were pulled off the wires and disposed of..

They used new fleas for every show..

Everything Else / Re: Youtube
« on: 04:21:50 AM 03/29/16 »
I am the kind of phenomenon you all should check out immediately of course... XD XD

One step at a time pls.. ;p it took me a long time to learn how to walk and fire the dildo gun.. XD

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