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Introductions / New(ish) YouTuber
« on: 10:17:47 PM 07/11/16 »
'Allo mates! (I'm Asian, not Bri'ish or any of the like, fyi.) I'm new to the forum but I'd like to throw a bit of confetti around first before I get down to business, so--

Didn't see that? Oh well.

I'm Korea but you can just call me Corra. I specialize in music (as I have SoundCloud) and raging on that one level that everyone else gets instead of me. I'm looking forward to collaborating with others as well as sharing my music as intro and outro cards for other people. It's really easy to search me up; I'm lostinseax but I haven't posted anything except one blank music video next. I have a SoundCloud, which is basically . Nothing surprising there.


Free Services / Free Music Remakes/Originals
« on: 12:38:20 AM 07/11/16 »

I am a Internet major that creates music but all of my music is creative commons so don't sweat it. My only rule I have for them is simple: credit me and the link would be to this topic.

Thank you for your time~! I won't always focus on this kind of theme as now I'm targeting remakes as well as making original dubstep songs. I'm now messing around GarageBand so I might release a few songs from it as well. I use many programs but I would use free ones.

My SoundCloud link (you can send me suggestions and the like there):

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