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YouTube Discussion / Re: I'm officially hanging up my hat.
« on: 02:45:58 PM 06/25/16 »
Good luck on your endeavors. If you do do streaming (Teehee, I said do do), let us know! I'd like to come and support.

« on: 09:28:56 AM 05/17/16 »
I agree to the above statement.

Like what we did with the skype chat for a bit XD

Introductions / Re: Hello Everyone!
« on: 10:07:16 AM 04/27/16 »
Eh, Pewds does a lot of games for money and because of fans XD

Introductions / Re: Hello Everyone!
« on: 04:12:59 PM 04/24/16 »
Welcome Zaturn. Its nice to see you here.

Ditto. And my last prom is coming, so until that happens, Ive been pretty busy.

Everything Else / Re: The TOS Saga.
« on: 08:34:51 AM 04/19/16 »
I have fallen out of ToS, even before this. It started to get stale and not fun... There seems to be a set pattern you can always follow to win.

YouTube Discussion / Re: You and YouTube
« on: 09:50:53 AM 04/12/16 »
Yes. 7.

We need to make/have one. I know how to do it but it would be horribly laggy given my current computer situation. And to be on it, the server info has to be pulled up. Since we are all different time zones, or almost all, it would be a hassle to do it the LogMeIn Homachi way.

Games General / Re: Editing videos
« on: 06:54:48 PM 03/12/16 »
Its for my intro, there are like words at the top I want to get rid of with a black strip (the background is black).

It would aslo be good for future video endeavors

Games General / Editing videos
« on: 05:54:43 PM 03/12/16 »
I was wondering if anyone knows exactly how to add still images on videos for a duration of the time? And it can be on any video editing software, as I may switch from lightworks to something else to fit my needs at this moment.

I never had that problem, then again my dog chewed the cord right at the ears soooo...

Great to meet ya! Many people here would love to collab with you if you ask ^-^ We have a skype where, sometimes, we get to play games and record. Mainly the first though

Seeking Services / Re: Making Banners and editing photos
« on: 10:18:02 AM 02/24/16 »
EthanSucksD is my friend irl too. When he sees I am on this website, he gets on.

Im not! I was just stating a cool thing I found!

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