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Everything Else / Re: Jr. Member
« on: 02:26:13 PM 10/06/16 »
You never had the chance parm  ;)

Introductions / Re: New(ish) YouTuber
« on: 02:57:23 AM 07/22/16 »
Nice to meet you.

You may want to follow this link in order to properly get you youtube link working:

I'm looking for contestants for a creepypasta game show I'm running on my YouTube channel called "Gory Gnocchi!". If you have a good mic, please respond if you are interested and also provide a list of creepypasta you would feel comfortable answering questions for.

Ex: funnymouth, Jeff the Killer, Barbie.avi, etc.

* The more stories you list the better your chances are for getting on. This is to help me since I plan to group people for shows based on similarities in creepypasta lists. I want to get 3-5 people all of whom, listed 4 of the same creepypasta.   

« on: 01:01:45 PM 05/03/16 »
I can safely say that Bonus Lives is falling behind Torm's other site, Too Spooky has 99 members now and has been a growing community. I feel like people really are not joining Bonus Lives and that the site isn't being used to its maximum potential. What should we do about it if anything? Leave your thoughts about it.   

Introductions / Re: Hello Everyone!
« on: 06:08:10 PM 04/25/16 »
Hello Everyone! I'm Zaturn, I'm new to this YouTube world and want to get off with a good start. Are there any tips you guys have? Any recommendations on games to record?

Depends on what consoles/PC games you can record and what you enjoy. The only "advice" I can give for an LP channel is to post often and frequently. The Gaming genre of YouTube is oversaturated, so its hard to be original. Instead of thinking about posting a video and hesitating, just post the video and see what people think. You can't grow if you don't post.

Everything Else / The TOS Saga.
« on: 01:10:06 AM 04/17/16 »
For those that missed it:

Everything Else / Re: Funniest video on youtube.
« on: 06:17:36 AM 04/16/16 »

YouTube Discussion / You and YouTube
« on: 01:19:35 PM 04/11/16 »
What do you like to watch on YouTube? Generally speaking in terms of genre of video- Gaming, podcasts, shows, etc.

Is it similar content to what you create? Why do you like watching it?

Streaming Discussion / Re: Skill Flea LIVE!
« on: 02:34:11 PM 03/31/16 »
Its been awhile. May live stream at some point later today.

Everything Else / Re: Welcome to the Flea Circus!
« on: 10:00:29 PM 03/29/16 »
The poor fleas were apparently glued to those wires, and the way the wires were pointing downwards they couldn't jump to escape.. they only move because they are trying to get away..

After each show the fleas were pulled off the wires and disposed of..

They used new fleas for every show..

I'm raising awareness. The fleas in my circus get health benefits.

Everything Else / Re: The Bonus Lives Hunger Games
« on: 01:37:34 PM 03/28/16 »
Nice job. Cant wait to watch it.

Everything Else / Welcome to the Flea Circus!
« on: 03:02:27 AM 03/26/16 »

Oh and check this out if you get the chance:

I think we've started a thing where every stream you do we need to talk about Bob Ross xD

I would hope so.

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