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Not sure if everyone has a favorite review/gaming video but I thought I'd share mine.  The video has a lot of technical issues, and is almost 7 years old. Despite the many issues, it'll always be one of my favs.  What makes me really love it, is.. I can't quite figure out if its satire or not. Pretty sure it is, but the mystery is part of the entertainment. It never fails to make me laugh. Hope you enjoy! Do you guys have any favorites?

YouTuber Seeks Collaboration / Fun times with Puddy!
« on: 02:19:01 PM 02/02/16 »
Hey everyone, I am interested in maybe starting a series where I hang out with and play a game with a person, or maybe even persons!

As some of you already know, I work from home. This means I have an EXTREMELY flexible schedule. I also have a decent sized library of games.
If you're interested, we can probably find a time and something that we can play together. If not one of the listed games, then we can always find something free to play! ;D

Since I have a (not so) secret love of making spreadsheets, I figured I'd throw one together that might help figure out a time and a game for this adventure.

Here's a link to the sheet

There is a time table, with a red drop down box which lets you select your time zone. Your time will be listed on the right, under the drop down. I think I included the majority of folk's time zones, but if yours isn't listed then please let me know.

There is also a second tab that has a list of multiplayer games that I currently own.

So, let's hang out! I promise I won't bite.... hard

Everything Else / is imatisut a bot
« on: 05:32:45 PM 12/16/15 »
When you look at the user's profile, there's some very suspicious stuff going on.

  • Has never posted anything, maybe couldn't get past the captcha that was here early on
  • Links to a very creepy looking website url, containing the word 'penis'
  • has ICQ messenger info

Introductions / Howdy, I'm Puddy
« on: 07:21:03 PM 11/06/15 »
Hi everyone! I started making Youtube videos very recently. I'm super shy so I thought that it would be a great challenge to try to get out of my shell a bit, and maybe meet some other cool people who are into gaming. I love playing almost any genre of video game. Since I have a huge Steam library with games I've never touched before I thought it'd be nifty to start Youtubing my adventures through those unplayed games. I'm new to making videos and don't expect the quality/content to be amazing until I get better at it, so I decided to play the worst games first. That way the games and the video quality should hopefully improve as I work my way through my library. It'll be a long time before I get to any decent games, and even though the ones I've played have been terrible I've had tons of fun doing it. is my channel if you're interested in checking it out.

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