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Everything Else / Launch of a new series on my channel...
« on: 08:37:01 AM 06/11/16 »
I've finally decided to get off my ass and launch my new series on my channel..

"10 fun facts"

Here is the first video..

I've put it on my old channel for now because that one is already set up and ready.. If I do a lot more of these videos and they get a lot of views (oh ha ha I'm so funny.. :P) I might make a new fact channel.. Right now I don't have the content or the interest to justify making a new one..

Sooo yeah,  :)

Everything Else / My new stuff..
« on: 08:13:20 PM 04/12/16 »
I'm doing a series of sewing tutorials and other crafts and stuff... no expert stuff..just simple things..

Here's my first tutorial video..

The sewing was easy, the filming and editing was the hard part,,

Everything Else / Be afraid.... be very afraid.
« on: 03:15:28 AM 04/02/16 »
Are you scared yet?

Everything Else / Well I was scared..
« on: 06:52:50 PM 03/29/16 »

Everything Else / I actually played and recorded a 'game'
« on: 02:30:14 PM 03/28/16 »

Shooting Dildos at Donald Trump lol... Well it gave me a giggle.. and it is free to play. :)

Seeking Services / Making Banners and editing photos
« on: 12:36:58 PM 02/21/16 »
Not sure if this is the right place to put this but I didn't know where else..

I found a couple of cool sites where you can make any banners you want for free and edit your photos :) for making banners and stuff. They have templates for you tube, twitter, facebook etc.. It's really easy to use (I can use it lol) and this is a free photo editor..

I'm sure there are a lot of others but these are the ones I like. XD


This one came out a lot better I think, but this stuff is so hard to understand..

I've done a few of these (though 'making' is a strong word as I'm using templates)

I decided to post them all here so I wouldn't spam up the forum with tons of posts of my crap.. XD

Games General / My different intros for gaming videos.
« on: 07:43:56 AM 02/05/16 »
I changed the title and took away the first link..  thanks to those who commented on that first video but it was kinda crappy. My newer ones are better. :)

10 minutes of fail lol.. I kept getting pop ups saying my frame rate was dropping.. Maybe time to upgrade my internets if I want to do that again.

Everything Else / New computer..
« on: 04:34:18 AM 01/21/16 »
The one I was originally going to buy I ended up not getting because someone advised me against it. They said it didn't have a proper graphics card. (I'd just looked at the HD and RAM like an idiot)

A pawn shop near me was selling purpose built gaming set up which looked amazing but at £795 was a little out of my price range. I went in and asked if he had any good gaming set ups but a bit cheaper.. (and I do know that if you want a good gaming pc it will cost a lot)

He ended up selling me a good gaming pc, he fitted anew graphics card, a gaming mouse and keyboard, a 21 inch HD TV and a new webcam.. all for the bargain price of just £350..

He even helped me carry all the stuff out of the shop to the taxi. XD

So yeah, I have a pc that will actually play games now :)

I might even try and do some streaming though I very much doubt my internet connection is good enough.

Everything Else / Funny Movie Fact... The Evil Dead.
« on: 09:23:17 AM 01/20/16 »
Everyone who has seen The Evil Dead (and that is probably most of us here) knows that the two hitchhikers at the beginning of the movie (the two guys stood on the road that wave as the car goes past) are Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert.. sure that is common knowledge..

But did you know that when Ash and Scottie are playing the evil incantation tape in the cabin it is Sam Raimi's voice and he says "Sam and Rob are the hitch hikers on the road" don't believe me? listen for yourself lol.. start listening at 1:45 in the video.

Mind blown? :P


I did read in an interview somewhere that the little kid simply needed to pee and he was gesturing for his mum to come to take him to the toilet.. but.. he does seem to have a creepy look on his face as he points...  I just want to know why wasn't this spotted before it was added to the movie lol..

Everything Else / My new video.. Something different.
« on: 06:40:29 PM 01/11/16 »
This was going to be on my new channel but I still haven't got that sorted out yet so I put it on my old one.. it doesn't fit in with the theme though but meh... I don't really care.. I'll re-upload it in a few days when I get my new channel sorted out. I have a few interesting DIYs planned too.

Everything Else / Free Steam game (was recommended to me)
« on: 06:01:40 PM 01/01/16 »
One of my friends recommended a game on Steam called Oh...Sir! it's free (I don't know how to post a link to it but it's easy to find) It's been described as a two player insult game that's a cross between Monty Python and CaH..

I just downloaded it (though haven't played it yet) but it sounds potentially funny..

Everything Else / I bet you didn't expect this...
« on: 08:17:49 PM 12/30/15 »

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