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Everything Else / Save fair use now
« on: 07:23:43 PM 03/31/16 »
I dont try to get myself too deep into this but i wanted to bring a little light to this issue

YouTuber Seeks Collaboration / ParmaJon's Tabletop Thing
« on: 10:02:26 PM 01/13/16 »
Sll'hayar ya shtunggli wgah'n hrii skype 'ai. Chtenff Cthulhu R'lyehia ee? Ok, I'm not going to make you put up with that. I've bounced around the idea with skill and aizakawa about doing a Call of Cthulhu tabletop. (run as a podcast) I am hoping for 5 total people( already have 2) and no experience is required/expected. Things will be run at a slow pace, Start with character creation through pm's/skype, then do a tutorial one-shot, then a 3-5 session campaign.

The setting will be 1920's (aprox 1924) North-East United States, its horror based but characters should be realistic. You have almost free reign to do with your character as you wish but there are a few restrictions. Don't be part of a mob, don't be in the police/special service, don't be a cultist, don't gender swap unless you think you can actually role-play it, and remember that I try to be somewhat historically accurate so keep that in mind. Call of Cthulhu is hard and people don't have a ton of health(a few gunshots will most likely kill you)so don't be surprised if your character dies by the end of the campaign. I can mostly be able to record on weekends, but plan for decent times between start-up and recording sessions. Any questions feel free to ask, can sign up below if your interested and believe that you'll be able to do it. It'll be an adventure for everyone!

Already signed up:
Skill Flea
Dunce Bass

Everything Else / Some Odd Memories- Creepypasta?
« on: 04:53:44 PM 01/12/16 »
Section 1: The Rules
So just to preface this I know all of these rules by heart. I do not know how or why, but it feels like they have just been inserted into my brain without very much context. So here we go.
1. If it sees you it will choose you.
2. If you are chosen it will follow until you until it has taken you.
          Clause 1: Only forces stronger than man can escape it.
          Clause 2: You can only be saved if it has chosen another.
3. It cannot move unless one is chosen.
4. One that is chosen can feel its presence despite not being able to physically sense it.


Sorry this is really short but I just needed to get the first entry out. It may seem odd at first but it'll make sense as time goes.

Seeking Services / Bonus Lives Steam Logo
« on: 01:47:35 AM 12/24/15 »
Hey artists, I know this is a fairly small thing but is anyone up to make a logo for the Steam group? It looks fairly boring without anything there and the site doesn't seem to have an official logo. I'm not looking for anything too specific, just something nice that we can use for things like this.

Everything Else / Skype chat
« on: 03:41:28 PM 12/17/15 »
If we want to do things in the future a skype chat could be really useful. If you want me to add you just tell me your skype thing and I'll add you to the group when I get the chance.

Streaming Discussion / ParmaJon's Stream!
« on: 01:46:33 PM 12/10/15 »
Hey peeps, I'm going to try to start streaming for my first time saturday friday evening (probably starting around 8-9 est I'll update when I know). I don't know what game I'll be playing yet but I'm going to try to be really involved with chat. Hopefully I'll get a decent audience and we'll all have a good time.
Hopefully see you there!

Edit:I'm an idiot and forgot I had stuff to do sunday morning, gonna do it friday night instead

Games General / What games make you happy?
« on: 09:06:33 PM 12/08/15 »
What game/s usually make you feel good or what games recently have you just had a really enjoyable experience with?

Introductions / ParmaJon's Pizza Palace
« on: 09:53:17 PM 11/22/15 »
Welp, I'm ParmaJon, and I own ParmaJon's Pizza Palace...sadly not an actual pizza place. But, the good news is that I do lp's (like most of you). My main channel ParmaJon's Pizza Palace does races of games(mostly retro games) with 2-8 people. So far I've worked with friends from talkhaus (another obscure forum) and otherwise just anyone I know thats up for a race. Hopefully I'll be able to put out a request for some peeps from here to hop on as well.
My other channel is ParmaJon that I'd like to consider the abstract art of lping with a terribly erratic upload schedule, like, I once uploaded 10 videos in one night.
I really like the idea of linking people and community's so I hope this forum does wonders. Thanks

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