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Games General / Editing videos
« on: 05:54:43 PM 03/12/16 »
I was wondering if anyone knows exactly how to add still images on videos for a duration of the time? And it can be on any video editing software, as I may switch from lightworks to something else to fit my needs at this moment.

YouTuber Seeks Collaboration / Minecraft
« on: 09:24:30 AM 02/01/16 »
I want to ask a few things:

1.)I want to know who all have Minecraft for the PC.

2.)Who would like to make videos on said game? Adventure maps, simple survival, mod packs, server games, you name it!

3.) Does anyone who wants to play have a private server or know how to do so, cheap or free.


Games General / Tips on Recording
« on: 05:24:46 PM 01/31/16 »
I'll be honest, I have been saying I'm going to record each week, and then I get super scared and chicken out. Does anyone have tips on how to not chicken out and try to go with the flow of the game and keep on talking?

Like when I'm talking in the skype chat, I feel calm and collected and able to talk with you all. But when I am trying to get a solo video recorded, I seem to lock up on talking and lose my train of thought.

Anything will be helpful at this point XD I am just tired of saying Im going to do it and I just wimp out.

YouTuber Seeks Collaboration / Brawlhala
« on: 10:10:15 PM 01/13/16 »
Just picked up the game on Steam and I am loving the crap out of it. i was wondering if anyone else has it and is wanting to play?

Games General / Garry's Mod
« on: 11:48:47 AM 01/05/16 »
I just want to see, but who here has Garry's Mod?

Games General / How to OSB?
« on: 10:32:53 PM 12/28/15 »
I now have a laptop that can record and play games! But I tried getting OSB, but it says I need other things...

Games General / Pokemon Showdown
« on: 04:58:24 PM 12/15/15 »
Does anyone here play Pokemon Showdown?

I'm here to help show you my favorite and, to me, the most interesting SCP's (Secure, Contain, Protect) out there. Let us start this list!

SCP-173 "The Sculpture"
SCP-____-J "The Rock"
SCP-1545 "The Two-Man Llama"
SCP-049 "The Plague Doctor"
SCP-079 "The Old AI"
SCP-106 "The Old Man"
SCP-372 "The Peripheral Jumper"
SCP-902 "The Box"
SCP-2909 "The Neverland"
SCP-2616 "The Shoo Fly"

That is just some of them XD What are your guyses? I can also put in descriptions for them if you all would like... ^-^

Everything Else / Favorite Town of Salem Roles
« on: 12:46:01 PM 12/14/15 »
What are your favorite roles in ToS? And why? Mine are:

Executioner: Immune and can be a jag if wanting to. Can claim any invest role and then bam! They could get hung.
Veteran: I don't care who you are, Im shooting you.
Jester: Trolololololololol.
Consigliere: Better Investigator.
Blackmailer: Silence the spammers.
Amnesiac: I forget why i like this one.
Mayor: Already got achievment, but want to control town.

Everything Else / Jr. Member
« on: 11:07:32 AM 12/11/15 »
Blew and Skill! How did you two become Jr. Members?! Congrats man!

Games General / Recording on a Sucky Laptop
« on: 01:51:35 PM 12/10/15 »
So I have a computer (Chromebook) that I could use to start recording, but it is pretty bad. I'm almost done with building my gaming computer. Do you all think I should wait?

Games General / Skype Hype or Team Speak?
« on: 11:29:39 AM 12/09/15 »
Hello guys, I was wondering if anyone has experience with team Speak. I've seen it used by people like PeteZahHutt and he seems to really enjoy it. It works kinda the same as Skype, if I recall correctly.

Streaming Discussion / How to Twitch?
« on: 11:27:56 AM 12/09/15 »
Does anyone know how to properly use and set up fancy stuff on Twitch?

YouTube Discussion / First Video
« on: 04:19:10 PM 11/27/15 »
What should be mine, or other users, first videos be? I've heard numerous things and I kinda want to know which may be the best.

Everything Else / More of a Question
« on: 10:31:04 AM 11/27/15 »
This is more for Torm, Magna, and all of them.

How did you all meet each other? Was it through a website like this? I'm just curious haha.

Sorry for not asking all of you other members, but we all met through this website basically XD Except a few exceptions.

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