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In a couple games all players were disconnected after night 2.

I think I saw several rooms with the ability to predetermine roles, but it looks like it isn't implemented yet.  Just a thought.

I got rebel 5 times in a row, but that might just be due to the small room size.

Camp Cadaver (Bug Reports Only) / Music skips
« on: 03:04:58 PM 03/18/17 »
The music stutters a little bit on loading, but that might just be an internet connection issue.

In certain games with full rooms, the voting stage starts but then isn't finalized.  Everyone can vote, but the votes aren't tallied and no one is charged.

Hi everyone:

I recently started a sort of hybrid/found footage project on my channel.  You can view it here  It's based off of Tormental/Slimebeast's work found at  I'm looking for voice actors who would be interested in appearing on videos in the future.  Message me on my twitter or on this site if you are interested.


Free Services / Free music available and upon request!
« on: 04:16:18 PM 12/29/15 »
Hi everyone:

I'm a musician who produces ambient music for free.  I make the tracks interesting, but with a background-sound in mind, perfect for use in your videos.

My music has been featured on channels such as Let's Read: as well as on my main channel Apeiropillar Productions:

I also started making custom tracks, one of which will be featured soon on the popular channel Blameitonjorge:

All my free music can be downloaded at .  As I said, it's free and you need only credit me.  You can also donate to me if you want to support my work.

If you'd like me to make a custom track for you, please get in contact with me at the following locations:

Creepypasta Wikia:


Introductions / Hi! My name is Abysmii
« on: 03:12:03 PM 11/06/15 »
Hi everyone!  I'm excited to be on this new site and look forward to collaborate with others.

There are two channels I'm associated with, each with different emphases.

The first is Apeiropillar Prodcutions found at  That channel hosts let's plays, narrations, animations, and sketch comedy.  If you'd like to collaborate on any of that, please let me know.

The second is my personal channel found at  This channel is where I upload all my ambient, atmospheric music.  It is free to use as long as you adhere to the attribution rules.  You can download my latest album for free at and also pay what you want if you'd like to support what I do.

If you'd like to collaborate, please send me a message!  I'll be looking around this site as well for people I'd be interested to work with.


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