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YouTube Discussion / I'm officially hanging up my hat.
« on: 11:01:56 PM 06/24/16 »
I've had a ton of fun on here and really enjoyed talking to everyone and in general hanging out but I don't think I'll be doing YouTube anymore to be frank. It just got to the point where I dreaded making videos and editing. It sucks but what can you do? I'll probably upload a video from time to time but I think that's gonna be it. While I had fun I just don't think it was for me. I hope for everyone to be successful and get what they want from YouTube :D

On a side note I hooked Aiza into this Minecraft server I really enjoy and if you wanna hang out with me on there it's I'd recommend it :3

And another side note I'm still gonna be around (I'll try to get on BL more but mostly on Skype) so there's no getting rid of me :P

I was thinking about something the other day and I want to see how you guys feel about it. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in like a recurrent sort of "hang out" thingy. Like when people watch sports or something. Just say once every two weeks or a month we just hang out and shoot the shit. Not necessarily about playing games and stuff (unless we wanted to).

I know I phrased it horribly and awkwardly but I think I got the point across xD

Everything Else / Steam Sales
« on: 03:46:30 PM 03/20/16 »
Does anyone know when the next steam sale is?

YouTube Discussion / New recording software!
« on: 03:25:09 AM 01/13/16 »
Ok so if everything goes right, this weekend I'll be getting that recording software that I've been wanting. When I get it I'll be back to recording and I'll probably be posting a topic in the collab section.

I'd really like some ideas on what I should record so if anyone wants to look at my steam library and tell me what would be interesting to see that'd be awesome cuz I suck at picking a game to record. (Steam name is blewberries)

Before I post any new gaming related videos I'm gonna make a video stating that any unfinished let's plays already on my channel will most likely be discontinued. I want a fresh start away from the games I had so much trouble recording in the first place.

I really want to thank everyone here that I talk to on a regular basis. I almost said screw it and just deleted my channel just from sheer frustration but you guys kept me from going insane.  8)

Everything Else / It's Christmas Eve!
« on: 07:04:51 AM 12/24/15 »
Holy crap I didn't realize it! I lose track of days sometimes xD

Merry Christmas! 8)

Games General / Town of Salem Public Test Realm
« on: 02:22:27 PM 12/15/15 »
So I figured I'd put up the link for the Public Test Realm for ToS.

At this moment it's down for maintenance so I don't know when it will be up again.

It's just like the regular page for normal games. You even use your same login so if you already have an account don't go make a new one!

Everything Else / Steam names!
« on: 05:09:49 PM 12/02/15 »
Anyone want to share your names on steam? I'm hoping that one day if anyone would like to collab it might be a good thing to go ahead and sway steam names.

Mine is Blewberries. Also my skype name is the same but lowercase.

Everything Else / Just wanted to say this!
« on: 10:52:37 AM 11/25/15 »
I just wanted to make a new topic about how happy I am that this website is already turning into a wonderful community! I read most of the topics made on here and I see how well everyone gets along and it makes me smile.

Nothing else to see here. Move along!

Has anyone had the chance to use OBS Multiplatform for an extended period of time (like over a couple months)? I downloaded it recently and so far it's way better than the original but I would like someone else's opinion on it.

I used the original OBS to record for a few months until I racked up around 15+ problems all at once out of nowhere so I'd like to hear from someone who's been using Multiplatform for a while.

Right now it doesn't play well with my editer that I have but I'm hopefully gonna get that fixed soon. It's a problem with my editer; I recently did some troubleshooting.

It just seems too good to be true... A screen recorder that works well for me? I have trust issues due to the last OBS so...

Everything Else / Town of Salem roles.
« on: 11:08:53 AM 11/09/15 »
What's your favorite role? Least favorite? What do you think of the vampire/vampire hunter roles and your experiences with them?

So I haven't posted to my channel recently and that's kind of the problem. I can't find a decent recording software but here's the catch: I'm broke. I just would like suggestions of any open source recorder though I've tried OBS and Camstudio. OBS used to work fine but it freaked out and kept crashing. Camstudio won't even work for me and I can't solve the problem through the forums (you need an invite to register and I can't seem to get one). I can't seem to find a solution. I don't want to download a bunch of demos cuz then I feel like I'm just ripping off several companies who work hard. If there is a good screen recorder that has a pro and light version that would be great. I do intend to upgrade to a paid service but right now I can't afford it. I have the light version of Ice Cream but there is a ten minute limit for it. Most of the videos I record are over 10 minutes long. Any suggestions would be great! I don't need a lot of features just unlimited recording time and hotkeys. I saved up for an editor and bought it so I wouldn't need that function in a recorder.I hope I'm not being incredibly picky but any help would be great! Thanks!

Introductions / Hey my name is Blew!
« on: 10:05:34 PM 11/05/15 »
I'm a youtuber but I haven't been active recently due to recording issues sadly :( I honestly don't think I consider myself a youtuber to be completely honest (only 6 subs xD) but I'm trying. My favorite type of game is open world/sandbox games. I love gmod but unfortunately trolls got the best of me so I don't play it very often anymore. I love playing Town of Salem and I think I'm good at it  8) I used to play Cards against Humanity but I got bored. I think it would be more fun if I were to play with actual friends and not randoms. Not that there's anything wrong with it but hey everything's better with friends ya know? I hope I didn't ramble too much. I'm never any good at introducing myself xD So... What's up?

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