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Introductions / Don't Be Afraid to Say "Hello"!
« on: 02:39:10 AM 03/06/16 »
This is a sort of "FAQ" thread, even though no one has actually asked.

- Please feel free to link anything you're working on when you introduce yourself. Ideally, this will include a link to your YouTube channel, but you can also show off your other stuff when telling us about you.

- If you don't have a YouTube channel, but are a fan or fan artist, etc. you can still introduce yourself and link your work!

(More will be added as needed... if needed...)

Games General / Steam Goofed
« on: 03:53:47 PM 12/25/15 »
So apparently Steam had a code malfunction where viewing your own information gave you the information of other people.


As per title.

I know there are servers that let you have creative mode on a certain set plot, but for something like "Drunk Minecraft" (as an example), does anyone know of a place to get a larger area to record in?

Everything Else / Don't be afraid to start topics!
« on: 05:06:46 PM 11/08/15 »
Discuss anything! :D

Introductions / MOVED: Missing the Mark
« on: 01:02:20 AM 11/08/15 »

YouTube Discussion / When did you decide to make videos?
« on: 07:23:53 PM 11/07/15 »
So when was it? What was going on in your life? Tell us all about it!

Seeking Services / Short Animation?
« on: 04:34:51 PM 11/05/15 »
Hey, just looking to find out what folks would generally charge for short animations. Think around 2 minutes in length, nothing spectacular, just a general representation of the video's audio.

YouTube Discussion / How is YouTube Red treating you?
« on: 09:41:56 PM 11/04/15 »
I'm down about $60 in ad revenue, but I've made about $2.00 on Red. You?

YouTube Discussion / Testing YouTube posting...
« on: 09:31:06 PM 11/04/15 »

It works!

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