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Everything Else / Re: Jr. Member
« on: 05:02:14 PM 07/26/16 »

Everything Else / Re: Jr. Member
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Everything Else / Re: Jr. Member
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YouTube Discussion / Re: I'm officially hanging up my hat.
« on: 06:21:45 PM 06/25/16 »
Blew I loved your videos where you were just goofing around, that license one was great! If you ever think up anything like that to do again, certainly wouldn't take much editing to do.

Either way I'm glad you're sticking around here.

I've always enjoyed your facts, and I do like channels/videos that have random factoids/lists.. however...

I don't want to read them, and from what I've seen on the internet of fact-y videos, others don't like reading either

is there ANY way you could do voice over for these, and barring that, text-to-speech?

« on: 11:21:53 PM 05/18/16 »
I'm all for re-tooling, but turning into a generic-ish gaming forum seems like it wouldn't have much of a hook. It'd probably just end up a Tormy fan-land (not that that's a bad thing), but it could end up with similar stagnation.

If it's likely to involve folks who enjoy watching Torm/his pals on Youtube, then maybe keeping this Youtube gaming centered may be the way the go. Broaden things to involve not just content creators but watchers as well.

tl;dr: need to be broad to attract but narrow enough to give people a reason to flock here

YouTube Discussion / Re: You and YouTube
« on: 11:37:37 AM 04/12/16 »
I watch a lot of small (under 100 subs) youtubers because that's what I am. Most of them aren't the most well polished folks in the world, but they're playing games I like and doing it in an entertaining fashion to me. Seeing what they're doing right (and wrong) helps me to figure out what I could be doing better. I also want to support people that are doing things I find interesting, and I hope that by commenting and liking their videos it'll encourage them and let them know that people enjoy what they're doing. Its pretty easy to get discouraged when you're just starting out.

The only real big/bigger gaming channels  I watch is Jontron, and Torm & his crew of buddies.

I also like to watch a lot of science / learning / factoid things too.

Everything Else / Re: Jr. Member
« on: 08:40:04 PM 03/24/16 »
there's a button in the post toolbar, looks to be the Mona Lisa, or you just use:
Code: [Select]

Everything Else / Re: Jr. Member
« on: 05:34:40 PM 03/23/16 »
join us

Everything Else / Re: Steam Sales
« on: 09:41:47 PM 03/20/16 »
Could happen, they had an unexpected Chinese New Year sale. They've never done that before!

Everything Else / Re: Steam Sales
« on: 03:55:12 PM 03/20/16 »
No hard evidence, but this is the best guestimate:

Well can you just find a random good one to link to from Angry Joe / Nostalgia Critic?  ;D

Not sure if everyone has a favorite review/gaming video but I thought I'd share mine.  The video has a lot of technical issues, and is almost 7 years old. Despite the many issues, it'll always be one of my favs.  What makes me really love it, is.. I can't quite figure out if its satire or not. Pretty sure it is, but the mystery is part of the entertainment. It never fails to make me laugh. Hope you enjoy! Do you guys have any favorites?

Everything Else / Re: Jr. Member
« on: 05:20:11 PM 03/19/16 »

Everything Else / Re: Jr. Member
« on: 05:36:09 PM 03/17/16 »

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