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Introductions / Re: Hello, everyone!
« on: 09:08:37 AM 07/19/16 »
hello and welcome to forum :D

Everything Else / Re: Jr. Member
« on: 09:08:02 AM 07/19/16 »
i keep smiling to that pic puddy XD

this is the some answer to it

Tho Skallagrim is a sword review channel, he has a good points

Introductions / Re: Hello Im a Gaming Channel
« on: 02:40:03 PM 06/26/16 »
welcome to here :D

Everything Else / Re: Jr. Member
« on: 02:39:08 PM 06/26/16 »

guess i'm not wanter  :'( :'(

Everything Else / Re: Jr. Member
« on: 07:59:45 AM 06/25/16 »
Noo puddy u must not kill this chat again, i must make it have a life again..... so must....  arrrggg

Console Games / Medievil hype train caught me XD
« on: 07:57:11 AM 06/25/16 »
I think most of you guys don't remember the medievil games that were made to so old Ps 1.. yeah so old console, but so loved.
Well i remember that game by it main character, the famous Sir Dan Fortesque..

<----- this guy

 and so when i heard that they are making new medievil to ps4, i got caught by the hype train.. ;D
Yeah i know it's not that good to be in hype train, cause it can only just be that hype, but anyways, here are few link about the game that i'm hyping

but other than my hyping here, i could ask do you hype about some game/ other things at the moment :D


Hello all fellow tubers and what not.
Can u hear the howling for the fresh flesh? NO?... you should hear it...
(maybe this  will help you to get to mood for zombie fun  ;D)

Anyway i have finished the first big map and read the core rulebook of All Flesh must be eaten and i'm ready to start this mayhem. So i'm looking for player to join with me and tackle my first GM:ing ever. I think 5 players will be max and time for the start can be talked over in skybe, but this summer gives me a lot of free time soo... I can sleep later in day. so no worries all who lives outside Europe.
Also u don't need to have any experience in tapletops, i have also none ( well other than watching it) in playing.

I will help in character creation or give you re-made in the book if u can't come up anything.
Also i can share later the book with the players just to look it/use it later( well the core rulebook, i have others also..)

Before of starting this Tapletop might just be one shot or if all players are interested to make it bigger story, then it can be continuing where it ended in first time..


                 -Player has 3 hours to spend on this one shot/ continue Zombie killing fun

                 - Maptools, will be program of used for dice rolling and maps, it can be get free here.

                 -Open mind and/or tolerance of noob zombie master mistakes

                 -My address on skybe, Pm me if u don't have it

Time to pick the dice and repair the hooks and story telling tongues with surviving zombie outbreak that will spread all over America and join with me to tell your and our story

sure i'm fine with that for sure :D

« on: 02:48:13 AM 05/07/16 »
That it has been for sure, and i don't have any ideas how to make this better, maybe we should give up when we are at winning still? :D

Everything Else / Re: My new stuff..
« on: 03:41:23 AM 04/15/16 »
pretty far away... :D but youtube is still popular, so you have time to work your popularity

so you enjoy sewing, guess i just can't order clothing from you XD.. well jokes aside, i hope you can make it to popularity that u desire.

Everything Else / Re: My new stuff..
« on: 05:27:51 PM 04/14/16 »
Then question? where u want to be then? and you cosplay? or just the making of some cosplay outfits?

Everything Else / Re: My new stuff..
« on: 06:48:52 AM 04/14/16 »
What kind of tutorial you are planning to do? and it looks nice so you should be proud how it came out :D

Everything Else / Re: My new stuff..
« on: 08:12:56 AM 04/13/16 »
unsure what to say to that... they look nice?

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