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In a couple games all players were disconnected after night 2.

I think I saw several rooms with the ability to predetermine roles, but it looks like it isn't implemented yet.  Just a thought.

I got rebel 5 times in a row, but that might just be due to the small room size.

Camp Cadaver (Bug Reports Only) / Music skips
« on: 03:04:58 PM 03/18/17 »
The music stutters a little bit on loading, but that might just be an internet connection issue.

In certain games with full rooms, the voting stage starts but then isn't finalized.  Everyone can vote, but the votes aren't tallied and no one is charged.

Hi everyone:

I recently started a sort of hybrid/found footage project on my channel.  You can view it here  It's based off of Tormental/Slimebeast's work found at  I'm looking for voice actors who would be interested in appearing on videos in the future.  Message me on my twitter or on this site if you are interested.


Free Services / Re: Free music available and upon request!
« on: 07:23:04 AM 01/08/16 »
It makes me very happy some of you are using and even enjoying the songs. :)

Free Services / Free music available and upon request!
« on: 04:16:18 PM 12/29/15 »
Hi everyone:

I'm a musician who produces ambient music for free.  I make the tracks interesting, but with a background-sound in mind, perfect for use in your videos.

My music has been featured on channels such as Let's Read: as well as on my main channel Apeiropillar Productions:

I also started making custom tracks, one of which will be featured soon on the popular channel Blameitonjorge:

All my free music can be downloaded at .  As I said, it's free and you need only credit me.  You can also donate to me if you want to support my work.

If you'd like me to make a custom track for you, please get in contact with me at the following locations:

Creepypasta Wikia:


Introductions / Re: Hey everyone. It's RadioRed.
« on: 01:28:18 PM 11/16/15 »
I've been lurking on this site for a little while. Might as well introduce myself.

Gamer. Youtuber. Editor. Pixel Artist. RadioRed.

I make LPs of RPGs. I play on releasing music soon, so keep an eye out for that.

Thanks for watching, and I will see you guys on the flipside. Later.

Hi there!  I checked out your channel and tumblr and gave you a sub.  Excited to see the pixel art.  Let me know if you ever want to collaborate on music.

Well looks like you found a slimebeast story afterall. That was quick!  ;)

Haha!  Yeah I was lucky enough to find his latest one that no one else has jumped on, so I rushed it over the weekend.  He really is a great writer.

BTW, I'm surprised you haven't done a Slimebeast story on your channel.

I really want to do one of his stories as he is a fantastic writer.  Unfortunately, so many other channels have done his work ad nauseam that I wouldn't be bringing much to the table.  I did lend my voice to a reading of "Suggestions", which was great fun.  I'll keep an eye out on his stories to see if something new gets published I could take a crack at.  :)

Sure Abysmii, you can use any of my readings for your channel. However, I would rather them always being free of monetizing if I can help it- this isn't me saying "My work is to good for the likes of you to make money!" It's more of a principle thing with me. You can see all my comments in the recent slimebeast videos about CreepsMcPasta. 

Maybe my opinion will change in time but if you are just trying to build your channel then yes, you can use my stuff anytime you want and we can help each other out. The only story I've written that can be a long narration would be Missing the Mark, the other two are pretty short. Missing the Mark was my first story and the only one currently on the creepypasta wiki. All of my stories can be found on the midnight marinara messaging boards under the thread one shot, which I will leave a link to. Finally, as a sign of good faith, I will also sub to your channel with my main channel, Skill Flea.

Hi Flea:

Not a problem, I can leave the videos showcasing your writing unmonetized, I completely understand.


Introductions / Re: Hey my name is Blew!
« on: 07:57:58 PM 11/06/15 »
I can't seem to figure it out but if you go to my profile and click on the globe it also will take you to my channel! Thanks for showing interest. Do you have a channel?

I do!  You can check them both out in my signature.  I did find your channel am checking it out right now.


I'm not sure if this would interest you, but I just released my first album, would that be interview worthy?


Good evening folks! I am a fan and aspiring author of creepypasta. My channel is dedicated for both stories that are horrifying and stories that are horrifying to read. My first video was about whether or not the famous creepypasta "1999" plagiarized off the YouTube persona Alantutorial. In addition to this, I've written three creepypastas so far (Missing the Mark, It's Mreley Yuor Prespcetvie, and Trivial) and I've recorded myself narrating over some of my own stories.

Finally, I'm going to start something along the lines of a "Scar Your Friends" podcast (name pending). Where I take some of my friends IRL who have never even heard of creepypasta before, force them to read some really fucked up shit, and record their reactions! For those of you who have heard of the podcast "Undercooked Analysis" (Tormental was a guest on one of the episodes), its kind of like that but with a funny twist at the end.     

I do technically have a gaming channel that's on a long hiatus but have no plans to do anything with it anytime soon. As far as anything colab-wise, it may be interesting to colab with someone who interested in creepypasta or someone who just likes horror. Maybe someone who can be a test subject for my podcast thing  ;D

I can't wait to meet the community on this website and witness the creativity of the Mental Patients!

Hi Flea:

I'm a narrator and would like to take a look at your stories.  If I like them, would I have permission to read them?  If so, let me know if you mind me monetizing the videos (I don't make any money off of them right now as I'm still a small channel, but might in the future).

I also make music and like to collaborate, so let me know if you have any ideas!  I'll go sub to you now under my main channel Apeiropillar Productions.

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