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YouTube Discussion / Re: I'm officially hanging up my hat.
« on: 08:17:28 AM 06/26/16 »
Thanks Puddy! Lol so me being a smart ass were my best moments  ::) if I ever think of anything like that I'll totally do another one cuz they're so fun!

YouTube Discussion / Re: I'm officially hanging up my hat.
« on: 03:07:03 PM 06/25/16 »
Will do! I'll definitely give it some thought

Introductions / Re: Hello Im a Gaming Channel
« on: 01:18:46 PM 06/25/16 »
Welcome to BL! :D

YouTube Discussion / Re: I'm officially hanging up my hat.
« on: 01:17:12 PM 06/25/16 »
Yeah I'll try to help out when I can :)

As far as streaming goes, I'm not sure. I've never tried it to be honest but it couldn't hurt to try I guess.  ;D

YouTube Discussion / I'm officially hanging up my hat.
« on: 11:01:56 PM 06/24/16 »
I've had a ton of fun on here and really enjoyed talking to everyone and in general hanging out but I don't think I'll be doing YouTube anymore to be frank. It just got to the point where I dreaded making videos and editing. It sucks but what can you do? I'll probably upload a video from time to time but I think that's gonna be it. While I had fun I just don't think it was for me. I hope for everyone to be successful and get what they want from YouTube :D

On a side note I hooked Aiza into this Minecraft server I really enjoy and if you wanna hang out with me on there it's I'd recommend it :3

And another side note I'm still gonna be around (I'll try to get on BL more but mostly on Skype) so there's no getting rid of me :P

Games General / Re: Skype Hype or Team Speak?
« on: 10:49:40 PM 06/24/16 »
Yeah I've heard about discord a lot recently and I've been thinking about downloading it myself.

I'd really like to get more people on board with the idea :)

« on: 09:30:46 PM 05/15/16 »
Yeah I think BL does need to open up to a more broad audience. If audience is even the right word for it.

I was thinking about something the other day and I want to see how you guys feel about it. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in like a recurrent sort of "hang out" thingy. Like when people watch sports or something. Just say once every two weeks or a month we just hang out and shoot the shit. Not necessarily about playing games and stuff (unless we wanted to).

I know I phrased it horribly and awkwardly but I think I got the point across xD

« on: 11:01:10 PM 05/07/16 »
No I don't think we should give up! I just think that we need to be more active on here. We're all mostly guilty of this :(

While I know that's not the ultimate solution but I think it would help. BL needs more, well more publicity. I don't think a small website made for small youtubers will get much traction seeing as both of the things involved are hard to come by. If I weren't subbed to Tormy then I'd have no idea something like this existed.

Introductions / Re: Hello Everyone!
« on: 09:27:05 AM 04/27/16 »
Welcome to the forum! I can't really give you much advice but Skill really has a good point. I can only say is do games that you enjoy and the video will always come out better than if you just did something popular.

That might be common sense though... 

I don't know >.>

Everything Else / Re: The TOS Saga.
« on: 02:54:06 PM 04/24/16 »
I haven't played ToS in a few months and I honestly don't see myself going back to it especially after this whole mess. I got bored with it and the toxic players that come along with it didn't help any  :-\

Everything Else / Re: Be afraid.... be very afraid.
« on: 03:32:16 AM 04/06/16 »

Everything Else / Re: Well I was scared..
« on: 03:27:03 AM 04/06/16 »
I really shouldn't be watching this at 2:30 a.m. >.>

Everything Else / Re: Welcome to the Flea Circus!
« on: 03:25:04 AM 04/06/16 »
Oh my god it sounds so sad  :'(

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