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Camp Cadaver (Bug Reports Only) / Re: bug whit vessel
« on: 05:02:24 AM 04/18/17 »
This would definitely be a bug, thank you.

Just to make sure, there was no Butler killing for the Tycoon, right?

As Wolfman, you need to click your own name at night. You then attack a random player.

The trade-off is that you're night immune and aren't shown to the Chaperone if you choose to kill.

If you decide not to kill, you will appear normal to the Counselor, but are not immune.

We're adding a short "grace period" after voting and before night for last-minute selections. :) Maybe about 6 seconds, for desperate changes or picks.

Definite bug. We've got it noted for eradication. XD

Camp Cadaver (Bug Reports Only) / Re: Music skips
« on: 03:29:33 PM 03/18/17 »
I haven't seen this, so yeah it's possibly internet or maybe even browser-specific. Music needs tweaking, like when/how it plays, etc., as well.

How many players we talking? 5 or so?

We've had a bunch of disconnects due to an error when some folks whispered. Mammon's currently eradicating teh bug.

Do you mean changing which roles appear in the round? If so, the host can do it - it's a button underneath the role list. :)

YouTube Discussion / Re: I'm officially hanging up my hat.
« on: 03:22:13 AM 06/25/16 »
If you ever reconsider, think maybe about streaming? It has zero editing. :D I think that's why so many people move to it from doing regular YouTube channel updates.

« on: 12:35:12 AM 05/19/16 »
Bonus Lives: The Official Tormental Discussion Fanclub

« on: 04:39:45 PM 05/18/16 »
What would everyone's ideal list of gaming-related boards be?

Keep in mind that they should be something people would use frequently if there were a large group of people here.

So for example, instead if "board games, card games, mafia games" being different boards that don't get used often, it could just be "party games" for all "live" gaming.

My general thought would be:

- Computer Gaming
- Console Gaming
- Live Gaming (or Party Gaming)
- Gaming Hook-Up (find other people to add on Steam, specific games, etc.)

« on: 07:33:47 PM 05/12/16 »
I think it's more difficult to get people here because "Doing YouTube" is so much more specific than "Doing, Reading, Enjoying, Laughing at, or Knowing About CreepyPasta".

Maybe I should rejigger the forums a bit for more Game Discussion... Hmm.

Everything Else / Re: The TOS Saga.
« on: 03:06:23 PM 04/20/16 »
I always hate when people who are providing a base product think they have gold on their hands. It always goes to their head. Always. -_-

YouTube Discussion / Re: You and YouTube
« on: 12:46:38 AM 04/15/16 »
Music while I work. XD Legal music. Uploaded by the creators. :P

It's hard to pick a vid from this guy, but -

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